On November 9th & 10th, EACI organizes an event for creativity & innovation experts and enthusiasts: Connect2Create 2022!
Connectivity is the true nature of creativity and this is what Connect2Create is all about. In two days you will experience a program specially designed to make connections. Connections between people, connections between theory and practice, and connections between disciplines. With the basic idea: connecting is of essence for creating.

Connecting theory and practice
A true connection between theory and practice, facilitated networking, inspiring keynotes, a creativity carousel, posters and art, and great parties!
Facilitated networking
The first step in creating together is to connect with each other. An important element of C2C22 is networking. We will actively facilitate networking in an engaging way.
Inspiring keynotes & tracks
To set the stage the keynotes will focus on the past, present and the future, and will be provided to you by both theorists and practitioners.

This event will be hosted by TUDelft, the Netherlands.See 
www.connect2create.eu to register, submit abstracts, or to find out how you can be part of this amazing experience!